Terms for Web and Graphic Design Services

  1. First and foremost, to all new clients, no work will be done, in any way shape or form, under any circumstances without a signed agreement by the client(you) and Warwick Enterprises.
  2. If you decide at any point during the review of materials delivered that you (the client) will not end up using any of the materials we have created, you are still obligated to pay us for work performed, and will consider the services rendered at that point. Payment will be expected at such time.
  3. If at any point you (the client) decide to change the direction of the project, or start over and take it in a different direction, the current contract will be closed, payment due upon termination, and a new contract agreement be made for any new work to be rendered.
  4. Unless otherwise noted, all charges for Web Design work will be billed at a rate of $35.00 per hour. There is a minimum 1 hour charge for all work.
  5. Unless otherwise noted, all charges for Graphic Design work will be billed at a rate of $50.00 per hour. There is a minimum 1 hour charge for all work.
  6. If agreed upon by both the Client (you) and Warwick Enterprises, services will be performed for a Flat Rate Fee Agreement, wherein the hourly charges do not apply. It will be duly noted within this agreement or attached addendum and signed by the client and Warwick Enterprises. All work requested under a flat rate fee agreement will be outlined and sent to Warwick Enterprises for review either by email or mailed in writing and clearly states that which the client agrees to have done and for said fee noted within this agreement.After services are rendered under the Flat Rate Fee Agreement, any further work would require a new contract of an hourly rate charge for services rendered or a new Flat Rate Fee Agreement.
  7. With regard to all artwork, text and materials placed and used within your site, you must be the copyright owner of all materials included unless otherwise noted on the material itself. All work supplied to Warwick Enterprises must be something you have purchased, own, or have licensed. We will not use any material which has been taken from someone else’s site or work without their written consent, or unless it is public domain stock images and clip art or stated as such to be used as royalty free stock.The copyright of all materials sent to us for use and delivered for use within your site remains your responsibility, and you do hold harmless Warwick Enterprises in the event that someone claims ownership of any material displayed within your site, regardless.
  8. Client agrees to be bound by this service agreement and will pay in full when billed for services stated within this contract unless otherwise agreed to upon in writing and signed by all parties. Billing is handled through PayPal unless otherwise stated within this agreement. The client will be billed after the delivery of all files and services have been rendered. Unless otherwise stated all services and files should be delivered within a reasonable time frame, not to exceed 30 days from date of said contract without notice from either party.Client’s PayPal email address will be used for billing purposes unless otherwise noted. Any information pertaining to the Client found within this agreement shall not be shared by Warwick Enterprises with any third parties under any circumstances, unless for the pursuit of resolving financial matters or otherwise required under penalty of law.
  9. Depending on the work and/or outside circumstances, Warwick Enterprises reserves the right to cancel said contract at any time, either by electronic or physical mail, rendering all services null and void, in which no charges will apply or be billed to the client.
  10. Warwick Enterprises reserves the right to cancel the contract at any point in time and severing the relationship with the client. All and any work created by Warwick Enterprises during this time will be the property of Warwick Enterprises. Any samples received by the client are not to be used by the client without express written permission or purchase of said materials.

Web Design Services :

Unless otherwise noted, Web Design Services describe the creation of materials, wherein they may or may not contain HTML/XHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and/or images of the JPG, GIF and/or PNG format. All files will be provided to the client via email, FTP, or a linked zip archive from our site.

Themes and Templates can be installed upon request or under the terms of the contract. If the client would like us to install or setup the files within the clients site, we would need remote access to the clients site via either FTP or SCP.

Graphic Design Services :

Unless otherwise noted, Graphic Design Services describe the creation of image files for the Client’s use, whether they be for print or other desired formats. These may include things such as Logo Design, Business Cards, Tee-shirt Design, Web banners and Advertisements.

File formats such as: Adobe PDF, Adobe PhotoShop PSD, TIFF, PNG, JPG, GIF, EPS

Please note: We do not work in Flash, Quark or Corel and can not provide you with those file formats.

By the way, if you need home network or remote support, I also offer remote services for $25.hr via PayPal. Questions about your new computer, or help configuring or fixing something you don’t understand (Windows XP and 7 based computers), contact me and we can work something out. I use TeamViewer for remote support and you will be able to view in real time everything that I do and can chat in real time via the program for your support.