Some say that money makes the world go round, while others may say that spending time reproducing with your spouse makes the world go round.  The truth is somewhere in the middle I guess.   I’m not here to help you with the later but just the former as it pertains to putting money in your pocket thru your website.

I’ve looked at quite a few popular e-commerce programs and plug-ins in my day, I’ve never been afraid to try something new and audition it if it looks interesting enough.  After a while though, with web development it’s best to settle with a system and stick to it (for a while at least).

woo-commerceIf you’re a person who is considering opening a e-commerce website, then I’d like to introduce you to WooCommerce for WordPress.   I’ve been using WooCommerce for a few years and have determined that this is the best way to get my client’s products and store online.  It probably isn’t the simplest solution out there but I believe it’s the best because it offers the most customization and and most pleasing customer experience.  It has built-in tremendous user order tracking, communication system, email and confirmation responders, several credit card processing options, SSL certificate control,  discount codes, tax calculations, file storage, shipping calculations.

If you’re looking for a web designer who will help you get your business store online, and setup in a way that works well with your business plan, let’s chat.


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